Poway, California Auto Glass & Windshield Repair

A chip or crack in your windshield poses more danger than just an obstructed view.  It may seem strange, but a windshield is important to the structural integrity of a vehicle, providing roughly half the crush resistance in a roll-over.  So don’t delay in getting a windshield repair.  You’ll likely save some money too.  Even if it doesn’t happen immediately, a crack or chip can quickly grow to the point where a windshield replacement is your only option.

Choose Devil Auto Glass

In business for over 10 years, our superior workmanship and materials give superior results.  Our highly-trained technicians work to ANSI standards, and we use only leading manufacturers of safety-rated auto glass, repair products, and tint films.  We guarantee quality work that passes lease turn-backs and state inspections.  We can also take care of other auto glass problems including windows and moon roofs.


  • Windshield Replacement
  • Moon Roof Repair/Replacement
  • Power Window Repair
  • Auto Window Tinting
  • Paint Protection
  • Graffiti Guard


Our Poway Services

Somewhat surprisingly insurance companies often wave the deductible to repair a crack or chip, recognizing the ongoing safety hazards they pose.  Whenever you need a chip or crack repair, check with us right away before it has time to grow worse.  We’ll take a look and give you an honest opinion of whether a windshield repair or replacement is your best option.


Auto glass repair, Auto Glass Replacement, Windshield Replacement Poway

Chipped and Cracked Windshield Repairs

We’re the Poway area’s experts in windshield chip and crack repair.  We can finish everything while you wait, as it often can take as little as 10 to 15 minutes.  We’ll inject a top-quality resin carefully matched in color and refractive index, pump out all trapped air, and cure the resin with a high-intensity UV light.  The end result looks great, because you don’t really see it.  Now hidden cracks and chips don’t grow, and your windshield regains its strength.

Windshield Replacement

Sometimes it’s impossible to repair a chipped or cracked windshield.  For example chip repairs near the edges as well as cracks longer than 3 to 6 inches simply won’t have enough strength even with the best of resins.  Always insist on a glass replacement that meets all safety standards; anything less is false economy.  With us your new windshield will be OEM or OEE (original equipment equivalent) glass for the best in appearance and safety.  And of course we’ll use only premium adhesives and bonding agents for a trouble-free results and the very best appearance.  The windshield replacement itself takes about an hour, followed by an hour of curing and 24 hours of simple precautions.

Auto Glass

Our experienced technicians can take care of all of your auto glass needs, including rear windshields, moon roofs, side windows, and vent glass.  That also includes the complete mechanics for power windows as well as those annoying air-whistles on sun roofs.  And of course we’re the Poway area’s experts in auto glass tinting.


Mobile Windshield Chip and Crack Repairs

If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you for windshield chip repairs and crack repairs.  We’ll need some room around the front of the vehicle as well as access to the interior, but otherwise there’s no need for you to wait around for our mobile windshield repair and replacement technicians.  We’ll keep in touch by phone so you’ll know when we’re about to arrive and when we’re done.

Specialty Auto Glass

With our huge inventory the odds are we’ll have your auto glass replacement in stock.  That includes top-of-the-line makes such as BMW and Mercedes.



I was driving on the I15 and got a big rock thrown into my window by a truck. The window pretty much shattered but did not break. I immediately got off the road and called the nearest auto window repair place. It was Devil Auto Glass. They took me in immediately, had my window in stock and had me back on my way in less than an hour. San Diego Auto Glass is awesome!