Del Mar, California Auto Glass & Windshield Repair

Getting a chipped or cracked windshield repaired is important for your and your family’s safety.  Besides blocking the view and distracting you, even a small rock chip can suddenly grow, destroying important structural integrity.  We provide exceptional windshield repair, windshield replacement, and other auto glass services from our shop conveniently near Del Mar, California.  We also provide prompt mobile services to fit your busy schedule.

Devil Auto Glass®

Our windshield chip and crack repairs, windshield replacements, tinting, and other auto glass work is performed by experienced and well-trained technicians to meet ANSI and other safety standards.  Using only OEM and OEE (original equipment equivalent) materials we guarantee great looking results and a vehicle that will pass California state inspection and lease turn-back.  We’ll also provide all the documentation needed should you choose to file an insurance claim.


  • Windshield Replacement
  • Moon Roof Repair/Replacement
  • Power Window Repair
  • Auto Window Tinting
  • Paint Protection
  • Graffiti Guard


Auto glass repair, Auto Glass Replacement, Windshield Replacement Del Mar

Chipped and Cracked Windshield Repairs

Windshield chip and crack repairs are surprisingly quick, usually taking under an hour.  And sometimes as little as 10 to 15 minutes.  So even though we’re only about 10 miles from Del Mar you’ll probably want to just wait in our comfortable lounge.  But we never cut corners on any of the steps:  thorough cleaning, injecting a top-quality bonding agent that won’t discolor, removing any trapped air, UV curing, and final polishing.  It’s a permanent repair that prevents damage from growing and restores structural integrity.  We’ll match the literally thousands of combinations of glass color and refractivity so the crack or chip essentially disappears from view.

Windshield Replacement

Sometimes a crack or chip is impossible to repair.  That includes multiple chips or a chip near the edge and those with several radiating cracks as well as cracks above a few inches long.  For those situations we have experienced and highly-skilled windshield replacement technicians that follow industry best-practices start to finish.  That assures you of an air- and water-tight seal with all the strength needed.

With our huge inventory we’ll usually have exactly what you need in stock for a perfect match meeting all DOT and other requirements.  That includes specialty glass for BMWs and other top-line brands.  The whole process takes about two hours, including the hour needed for the bonding agent to cure.  Then you’ll need to take a few simple precautions we’ll explain to you for the first 24 hours.

Auto Glass

The experts in our shop are just a few minutes drive from Del Mar and can also take care of replacement and repair for rear windshields, side windows, vents, and moon roofs.  That include glass, seals, and mechanisms.  So don’t put up with power window problems, leaks, or air-whistles.  And don’t forget we’re an area leader in car window tinting.


Mobile Windshield

If your windshield is badly damaged or you don’t want to make the drive, we’ll come to you.  Our fast-response mobile windshield chip and crack repair and windshield replacement team covers Del Mar and all of San Diego County.  It’s best if we can meet with you, but if that’s not convenient we can complete our work while you’re away.  We will need access to the vehicle’s interior, and either way we’ll keep you up to date on our arrival time and the status of our work.

Specialty Auto Glass

With our huge inventory the odds are we’ll have your auto glass replacement in stock.  That includes top-of-the-line makes such as BMW and Mercedes.



I was driving on the I15 and got a big rock thrown into my window by a truck. The window pretty much shattered but did not break. I immediately got off the road and called the nearest auto window repair place. It was Devil Auto Glass. They took me in immediately, had my window in stock and had me back on my way in less than an hour. San Diego Auto Glass is awesome!